Global Gateway

If your company is considering establishing a business in the large and complex U.S. marketplace, you should use the Pacific Northwest as the location for your business, a strategy which has proven successful for hundreds of companies from dozens of countries worldwide.

The Pacific Northwest region of the United States west coast with a population of 60 million with $1.5 trillion in purchasing power provides an ideal “Gateway” for companies targeting the U.S. market. It has excellent transportation and communications connections, professional services of the highest caliber, a diverse industry base, a highly skilled workforce, and a low risk/cost business environment. The location is ideal for the launch of new products and services in the United States. PNWA’s Gateway Services will help you make informed decisions with confidence. Our advisors work with you from the initial stages until your objectives have been achieved. Every step of the way we serve as your local advisor and partner.

Gateway services include:








Industry Specific overview of the Pacific Northwest

We’ll provide you with a current assessment and thoughtful analysis of economic and business conditions for your industry in the Pacific Northwest, including:

  • Economic and Demographic Data
  • Regulatory, Immigration and Environmental Issues
  • Government Incentives and Training Programs
  • Industry Characteristics and Trends
  • Current Opportunities
  • Competitive Environment

Strategy and Development

  • Partner Identification and Screening
    Find, and perform due diligence on, local distributors, manufacturers, agents, joint-venture candidates and other potential business partners.
  • Introduction and Facilitation
    Interview, or arrange meetings with, pre-screened companies and provide local support, briefings, debriefings and follow-up actions.
  • Site Selection
    Survey appropriate locations and facilities for lease or purchase.

Facilitation and Implementation

  • Contract Negotiation and Financial Assistance
  • Support Service (legal, banking, technical, governmental) Referrals and Introductions
  • Operations and Strategic Planning Consultation
  • Employee Identification, Qualification and Recruiting

Operations and Management

  • Turnkey Contracts
  • Service in Executive or Board of Director roles
  • Continuing counsel under retainer relationships

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