Robert Rice

Seattle, United States

Director, East Asia

Professional Practice:

Bob’s work focuses on international business development in the Asia Pacific region, especially China and Japan. After almost 30 years of working and living in Asia, he and his family have returned to his hometown, Seattle, where he continues to support US companies in their business with Asian companies. By association with PNWA expects to assist Asian companies establish business presence in Washington State.

Bob is a business development specialist with an emphasis on establishing robust and enduring partnerships between Asian and Western companies. He has worked for global Fortune 100 companies in manufacturing, metals and automotive industries, as well as in the renewable energy sector. During his 12 years in China, he has lived and worked in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and Taipei, which has given him a perspective on regional rivalries within that great country. While based in Japan he lived in Tokyo.

Bob’s first visit to Asia was in 1969 on an overseas study program with Lewis & Clark College. He returned to Asia in 1974 as a student in Taipei, followed by visits to Beijing and other Chinese cities. His first assignment based in Shanghai was in 1983. Over his 30-year career, he has been witness to the historical rise of China’s economy within the broad context of Asian regional competition and the dynamic of geopolitical tension across Asia.


Bob is a native speaker of English and is conversant in reading and speaking Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. He has an MBA from the University of Washington. He also received a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language and Literature from that same institution.
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