John Y. Zhang

Chief Representative: China

Beijing, China

Professional Practice:

After his retirement in late 2008, John Zhang is currently the Vice President of the Beijing WEDO investment Co., Ltd ( He has extensive international experience in project negotiations with foreign companies establishing their businesses in China. He served, since 2006, as the Managing Director of Foreign Affairs Office of the Administrative Commission of the Beijing Economic & Technological Development Area (BDA), a China National Development Zone. He was also the Managing Director of BDA Investment Promotion Bureau from 1996-2006. Prior to joining the BDA in 1992, Mr. Zhang worked for the China Railroad Ministry, primarily involved with foreign negotiations. He spent two years in Muscat, the Sultanate of Omen involved in the building of the China Medical Center in Muscat as a representative of the China Civil Engineering and Construction Corporation. Mr. Zhang has traveled extensively, including numerous business trips to the US as well as being involved in business negotiations in Canada, Germany, Italy, France UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Poland, Hungry, Czech and Moscow.


Professional and Civic Activities:

  • China Association of Development Zones
  • American Chamber of Commerce of China – Beijing
  • Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
  • Director, the Beijing Electronic Chamber of Commerce
  • Initiator, European Center For SME, Beijing



John Zhang graduated from Hebei University, majoring in English Language Studies. After graduation, he was a lecturer for eight years at the Foreign Language College of Hebei University. He is bilingual in Chinese (Mandarin) and English.