New PNWA Cuban Representative is IT Expert

by Nov 21, 2018


At its recent board meeting, Pacific Northwest Advisors confirmed Professor Victor Manuel Mendiola Lau, as its new research associate in Cuba. PNWA has had a presence in Cuba since 2015, upon establishment of U.S. diplomatic relations. For Canadian, U.S. and Latin American firms, PNWA can provide know how “on the ground” as well as access to proficient computer programming skills as well.

Professor Mendiola Lau has a diverse background and is active in several areas:

  • Professor of Mathematics, University of Havana
  • Consultant for international firms in Canada, Latin America and in Spain, regarding web design, data management and recognition software strategies.
  • Writer of academic papers in Pattern Recognition and Data Analysis
  • Tri-lingual interlocutor in English, French and Spanish.
  • An able navigator of the worldwide web and its interface in Cuba

“We’re excited to have an accomplished academic and researcher like Professor Mendiola Lau join our consulting group in order to conduct informatics and market research inside Cuba. The Cuban market remains an unknown territory for many businesses, and Professor Mendiola Lau’s experience provides unique insights to Pacific Northwest firms – including those in Vancouver, British Columbia, ‟ said Jonathan Bensky, CEO, of Pacific Northwest Advisors LLC.

Stated Stephen Murphy, Senior Advisor, Latin America & Caribbean: “I am delighted to work with a top professional like Professor Mendiola Lau, whose entrée to Cuba’s growing I.T. market and to its highly trained personnel is top notch. As ‘Team Cuba’ has helped a client reconnoiter sourcing opportunities inside Cuba, PNWA can now offer special high tech expertise as well. Besides Havana, Team Cuba retains qualified professionals in Miami, Florida, and in Hanoi, Vietnam too.”

Pacific Northwest Advisors LLC was founded in 1995 and is a charter member of Seattle’s Trade Development Alliance. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, PNWA has representatives in Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Montevideo, Uruguay, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well as in Mumbai, India.

Contact: Stephen Murphy, Senior Advisor for Latin America & Caribbean, Pacific Northwest Advisors, Seattle, Washington: