Who We Are

Meet Our Advisors

Jonathan M. Bensky

President & CEO

A retired Senior Foreign Commercial Service Officer, Jonathan Bensky has almost 40 years of diplomatic and business experience, expanding US exports and advising American companies on markets, investments and international business relationships …

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Casey Chin

Representative — Southeast Asia

Casey is an entrepreneur and founding partner at ARCS with 20 years of Southeast Asian business development and cross-border corporate integration experience through activities in financial investment and international trade …

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Hongyu He

Senior Advisor, China — US Business Advisory Services

Hongyu has an outstanding understanding of both Chinese and American business cultures as well as broad international business experience along with her excellent trilingual language skills …

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Jeff Hoyt

Managing Director — Corporate Finance

Jeff Hoyt has over thirty years of banking and corporate finance experience working for major US commercial and investment banking companies, and in such capacity has traveled extensively in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia …

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Victor M. Mendiola Lau

Research Associate

Mr. Mendiola holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Havana with several years of experience in academia and in the software industry, including clients from Canada, Chile, Mexico and Spain. His expertise includes software development and team management, and he is author of academic papers in Pattern Recognition and Data Analysis. He is fluent in English, Spanish and French, and is resident in Havana, Cuba.

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Stephen E. Murphy

Senior Advisor, Latin America & Caribbean

A resident also of Brazil, Mr. Murphy provides business development for software, media and clean technology firms expanding to South America, as well as to Brazilian firms seeking partnerships stateside. His expertise includes access to high level government officials in Brasilia, Washington D.C. and in multilateral and international financial institutions. He authored On the Edge: An Odyssey, and is fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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Rodolfo M. Oppenheimer

Representative, Southern Cone, Montevideo, Uruguay

Presently, Mr. Oppenheimer applies his knowledge and big-picture experience to help clients in different industries through the Americas. He works with clients in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay to improve results and potential. His expertise includes franchising, technology, agro industries, food industry and management.

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Marcos Rosset

Representative, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Marcos Rosset, has over 30 years of expertise with brand and franchise management and the multi-platform distribution of intellectual property. Mr. Rosset has worked as CEO for both Brazil and Latin America with the leading Hollywood entertainment companies including, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and The Walt Disney Company.

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Saurabh Sonawala

Senior Advisor, India

Saurabh Sonawala, Managing Director of the Hinditron Group, has more than 25 years’ experience in Indian and U.S. IT and technology industries, managing and consulting for many technology and non-technology companies. He is an active promoter of trade and investment between India and the U.S., including offering advisory services to American companies wanting to do business in India. …

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Joseph O. Vogel

Senior Advisor, Export Services

Joseph O. Vogel has over 40 years of global business as an operations executive and management advisor. He has worked in a variety of companies as well as government and educational institutions. …

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John Y. Zhang

Chief Representative: China

John Zhang is the Vice President of WEDO Investment Co., Ltd of Beijing. He served for 15 years as the Managing Director of the Beijing Economic & Technological Development Area (BDA) Investment Promotion Bureau, and as the Director of Foreign Affairs Office of the BDA, from where he retired in 2008. John Zhang has been involved in business investment negotiations in Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungry, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, and the US. …

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